When I see what ppl looked like before they had money/ became famous and got all these surgeries done, it makes me feel so much better about myself :)

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Orange Is The New Black

I wanna go to sleep so bad but I’m over here overdosing on coffee so I can watch this new season

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Twitter | @MissLadyMillz
  -  5 May 2014

REALLY Knowing Yourself.

I think sometimes it can be easier to just stay in a state of ignorance about who you really are, because when you own it, you become responsible for it. You find out things about yourself that you really don’t like, but really discovering, accepting and appreciating who you are seem to always out way the cost of doing so though. Spending time with yourself can be tricky, as many people equate it with loneliness, but I have also found it to be that those who dislike their own company, usually know and understand themselves, the least.

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My New Favorite #Polish |  Instagram : MissLadyMillz

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