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I wanna go to sleep so bad but I’m over here overdosing on coffee so I can watch this new season

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  -  5 May 2014

REALLY Knowing Yourself.

I think sometimes it can be easier to just stay in a state of ignorance about who you really are, because when you own it, you become responsible for it. You find out things about yourself that you really don’t like, but really discovering, accepting and appreciating who you are seem to always out way the cost of doing so though. Spending time with yourself can be tricky, as many people equate it with loneliness, but I have also found it to be that those who dislike their own company, usually know and understand themselves, the least.

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adiorablegrant said: What I also think is strange is that, with interviewers, (this isn't just with Kanye but on these talk shows) They really don't listen well to the person they're interviewing. I also wonder why so many people feel like they have the right to dictate and judge what kind of life someone else lives. I think this is why when you support someone in any way, it makes a huge difference to their confidence and self-esteem. Because then they think "Wow someone actually believes in me."

When someone is speaking to another person, you’re gonna find that they will usually say “I hear what you are saying” instead of, “I’m listening to what you are saying”. There’s a huge difference between hearing and listening. People just need to really LISTEN to not just the words that people are saying but to their voice and to the emotion, and the body language they’re showing you cus that usually tells you more. The reason WHY people won’t understand is cus that takes a lot of effort in terms of attention, processing, analysing and concentrating, and that requires too much “work” for some people therefor it’s just easier to say, “huh? i don’t get what you’re saying” or “im still tryna get what you mean by…” 

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People needa STOP trying to pigeon-hole, & to define or figure out ppl with a creative mind.

like i said on my twitter earlier…everything Kanye said in every interview he was on in NY makes perfect sense to me. ALL OF IT. He might not speak in a way that a lot of people will easily understand but i think the only reason i GET him is cus i feel like i can relate to him. When you have so many thoughts (like most creative people do) you can’t express yourself correctly and things in your head can sometimes get a little “loud”…because you just wanna get so many things out there all at once that you end up confusing people. Creative people have a completely different perception of the world, we have different reactions to things that go on, and even the way we sleep is usually dramatically different from most people.  

People needa STOP trying to pigeon-hole, and to define or figure out people with a creative mind cus u can’t. it’s not always easy to live in this so called ‘normal’ world. It’s hard as fuck sometimes to even fit in. Get it through ur heads that creative people hate rules, regulations and rigidity. we dont think “straight”. we think tangentially. so excuse me if that’s how it comes off when we speak but that’s something the rational predictable people gotta learn to deal with. People around us don’t ever have the slightest clue about what we’re up to cus the second  we let them know what we’re thinking and planning, we get strange or concerned looks or like in Kanye’s case get called “crazy”. People always wanna talk us out of shit, telling us every reason why our ideas, our thoughts will never work. Its difficult to be who we really are when you have to be a certain “kind” or to resonate with people in a certain way to even be “successful” or to ”make money” with our “crazy minds”… and I think the pressure of having to be this way makes us creative ppl behave and talk exactly like Ye. 

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