"When I was young I used to try to build castles and forts made of sofa pillows. My older cousin used to tell me that wasn’t the way to build a castle. My response, as always, quick & direct: “I’ll build the castle however the fuck I want to”. Fast forward 20 years I have a castle as an office. Again my cousin comes in. Same closed mind. Same boring shit. She looks at the walls in my office and says "walls shouldn’t be made of boom boxes" Once again, my response is “i’ll build it however the fuck I want to”. This analogy is very much how I build and run my business; HOWEVER THE FUCK I WANT TO. If you are waiting for someone to come and show you the right way, that means you have already convinced yourself you are wrong. There is no right way to building. Some of the coolest structures and businesses were built by people who did it however the fuck they wanted! Use your IMAGINATION, it is 2012 and mostly anything is possible. If it isn’t to date, make it possible! People will huff n puff , but at the end of the day that will NEVER blow your shit down! It’s Monday and I may just want to live in a spaceship as a house. Who the fuck is going to tell me otherwise?! Build, grow, jump, leap! You can do it all. Never try to conform to the world, let the world conform to YOU. You are the one that has to love what you built. At the end of the day happiness & feeling accomplished is worth more than any dollars! With a little imagination and effort, you too can obscure dreams a reality.”


10 notes   -  15 October 2012

——-Rick Ross Nous Sommes x Vintage Frames Custom Made Pendant——-

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